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70×7 is a Charity that builds homes for people.

Our organization addresses the Homeless as a result of ex-prisoners & ex-cons. Americas live a posh existence compared to the poor Homeless ex-prisoner ex-cons in other countries, poverty and homelessness still affect a large population of our country.

There are hundreds of charitable organizations throughout the USA that do everything they can to assist struggling individuals and families, but charities focused on the recidivism rate stand ahead of the rest of the pack.

Check out 7 reasons to forgive our Homeless ex-prisoners ex-cons of the most shining examples of awesomeness and learn a little about some of the charities that have contributed the most to our people.

The Problem of a High Recidivism Rate

Nationally about 80 percent of all inmates end up back in jail within five years. We can all agree our current plan of action help this area of homelessness is far from effective.

Our Plan

We plan to build homes for our ex-prisoners and ex-cons. This home will provide a solution for homelessness that directly affects the recidivism rate.

the recidivism rate is a problem that all seven continents on this Earth face. The term “recidivism” means – the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend. A changed in identity is the only way not to re-offend. Providing a home for a person out of Jail will help create a less offensive identity.

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