Price Points $ Payment Levels for Digital Services – DIY Vs Full Service

There are several different price points when it comes to creating a digital platform for our clients. I have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years and uncovered how to offer many different service levels of the same Digital Platform. In this article, You will learn the pros and cons of some popular service delivery offerings.


Most customers attempt to negotiate the price based on the market value for DIY products. It is a given that a true DIY is provided by large companies that offer a semi-services interface that costs nothing to the consumer. Small business owners that offer Digital Platform services cannot afford to be a part of this world. It would cost too much to maintain a service for someone else to use. However large companies thrive on helping the customer get started or even maintain a long healthy business relationship with a business with basic needs.

DIFY (Do It For You)

Most small businesses that offer Digital Platform services engage in a “Do It For You” type of contract that allows the consumer to get a basic setup using the DIFY company to add their personalized information to the target systems being developed. Also, the DIFY hopes the consumer can drive when they take the keys to the marketing vehicle made for them! This often ends in failure for both parties. There is always the time you have to address the elephant in the room by learning the customer’s competencies. The customer has to be proficient in what they are using now and also the new UI as well.

The customer feels the new Digital Platform Company should set up a system that is new and better while making the transition to the new UI seamless. The DIFY knows not to charge for the discovery time it takes to layout a UI needed for a seamless transition. Most of the time this step is skipped by both parties.

The problem with ignoring the custom UI request is the cost will be artificially low. The customer and the builder will not spend the necessary time or money in the UI planning phase and both sides assume the other understands how this will turn out.

DIWY (Do It With You)

The “Do It With You” model is more possible now than ever. The advancement of screen sharing that translates to all devices and screen sizes allows all to participate. This model is designed for the customer to start to learn the UI during product training sessions or online training for the new UI. The client can also create content based on the learning sessions that can be later applied to the Digital Platform.

The consumer usually seeks this out when they hit a wall trying to do it on their own. Many times the person that was handling all of their digital needs left them without warning. This scenario requires a high level of trust. The Digital Platform company will typically charge according to their experience or expertise. It is crucial that the initial consultation can align the agenda of the client to the expertise of the Digital Platform company. Time and money are well spent when these aline.

A small percentage of customers fall into this category. Most consumers do not want to do any of this stuff. Sometimes the DIWY model is poorly communicated upfront. This can end in a gotcha moment that is uncomfortable for both. The customer will most likely terminate the service.

Pay as You Go / Subscriptions Services

This is the best way to tackle a large project. The Digital Platform service provider can charge an agree upon startup fee for the known structural items that are necessary. Starting basic and then building up from there is the best. It takes at least 18 weeks to set up a large Digital System. This way the larger part of the workload can be spread out over time to allow for better financial planning and quality service delivery.

Monthly service causes us to take inventory every month. It keeps both parties engaged with the success of the marketing and growth plan for the business. Digital Business providers can also offer a lower upfront cost with the promise of payment over time. K360 Solutions offers a free monthly update with the website hosting service. that allow for a monthly dialog about the online presence.

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