Replacement Software Vs Scalable Software

Replacement Software Vs Scalable Software

Most businesses look for solutions to their IT needs by replacing bits and pieces of their IT infrastructure as a response to a business pain point or a new activity that needs a new IT support functionality. Most of these replacements have to do with communication and mobilizing documents.

What’s the problem with that?

Once you establish a tech replacement strategy as a culture, you are always on an IT learning curve.  The key is to research what IT company is evolving and scaling at the rate you are.  An even better strategy is to buy into an IT company that has more than what you need.  Investing late in IT can be catastrophic to your business success.

You easily forget how good you have it…

Remember the replacement cost of doing business online. There is a significant reduction in overhead and payroll associated with doing business online compared to filing cabinets and an admin staff that get paid to process paperwork with human error.  However, if we never had to manage a business with all of the physical properties of real paperwork, we have a lack of appreciation for all the steps it takes to get something done.

Connecting the dots.

K360 solutions will properly bridge the gap between business and technology by offering scalable software that does all of the sub-jobs forgotten about when making an IT solution purchase.  We have a free session that will properly assess your business needs and make a solid recommendation for your business success.

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