Real Businesses Have no Business using DIY Website Platforms

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Time & Date | 12/1/2022, 5 pm Arizona Time Zone

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Real Businesses Have no Business using DIY Website Platforms

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Every business is expected to have a website. Keeping your overhead as low as possible is a good business practice. Because of this, most web developers prefer not to work on a start-up website where the main goal is to create as little as possible and expect great results.

It is the nature of the business to negotiate your outcome when contracting with your web developer to build your website—keeping web design separate from Search Engine Optimization of course. You may find yourself asking for the most basic design and a simple list of your services and products.  To your surprise, you will mostly find the cost of building a website does not change much based on the website’s intent of the content. This will beg the question. Why do I need a developer when I want a simple message? Keep reading to answer this question.


Behind the Website Builder

There is a lot to consider when choosing the hosting system you use when publishing your intellectual property to webpages. Just like getting a business license and obtaining an EIN number, you register your URL domain that is registered with ICANN through a 3rd party domain registrant. 

After you secure your domain, you need to associate that domain URL with actionable services like an email client and website. It’s important to host your emails in a safe place and this is relatively straightforward because managing one email inbox is only accessible by the people with the password. Managing public content is more complicated compared to email because most of your files are hidden from the public and only a few items actually make it to your webpage. 


Once you choose your website hosting company you need to choose a CMS.  Your CMS (Content Management System) is made up of a set of files hosted by a company. This is the fork in the road where you have to start your first subscription service and commit to a hosting company like you would a utility service that provides electricity to your home or business. Your CMS will not function unless it is hosted and available 24/7/365. 


As you can imagine after figuring all of this out, you may not have devoted much time to preparing your content or even considering what a good website design is. This is where most business owners start to look for help. It seems easy to use a DIY website builder and be done with it. But, this article is all about giving you insight into other options. 


What is a DIY Website Builder

DIY is popular and the best way to save money.  DIY is usually not the best way to save time. The DIY website builder is a prebuilt website with areas you can configure to populate your content. If you can figure out hosting and installing your CMS and deploy your DIY website builder, you may get it all done for about $3 per month. 


Is $3 per month a good marketing budget?

As attractive as it is to spend only $3 per month and use free tools, you may not be aligning yourself with success. It is good to spend money on your marketing and having a website is an absolute must. So, where do you spend money to get the most out of your online marketing?  Keep in mind this is excluding SEO services.  Use the following list as a guide to spending your marketing dollars. 

  • Get consulting before your start
  • Determine what media is needed to market your business that can be used for multiple publications including your website. 
  • Purchase quality images or have a photoshoot well before considering your website design.
  • Establish a business phone number, email & CRM, and a back office to receive your website traffic.
  • Establish a solid email marketing plan
  • Determine who will be the users on your website.
  • Decide your preferred method of storing your media and sending media to your web designer or website CMS.

Own your content.

If you use a 3rd party website builder, you may not retain the rights to the content you host with that company. You may find when you attempt to scale your business it is quite expensive to use there system to scale and if you want an alternative way to scale, you are rebuilding. Join our weekly sessions to find out more. 

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