Industry-leading secure OneDrive cloud platform in your own digital drawer.

Securely Organize, Store, and Share your important household files

rLegacyDrawer was created to help individuals and families organize and store their documents and files such as Wills & Trusts, Financial Archives, Family Tree, and Social/Digital Life data in one secure and always accessible location vaulted inside Microsoft industry-leading OneDrive cloud platform from any Internet-connected PC, or Mobile devices.

Problem: Old Way of Document Storage


Most households have important files stored in folders that not secured and can be easily be lost or damaged and cannot be shared with others without going through the hassle of scanning and emailing or faxing (is that still a thing?)  when they need to share their documents to others.


Solution: Digitize your document storage needs with rLegacyDrawer


With rLegacyDrawer you will be able to Securely Organize, Store, and Share your important household files

Types of Documents:


Confidently and securely store Wills, Trusts, Estate, Financial, Insurance, Tax, Birth records or any important data at risk of loss on computer hard drives, thumb drives, in file cabinets, or under the couch.


Conveniently help loved ones store their critical records with instant retrieval.


Be confident that all your documents are easily retrievable when needed using the full power of Microsoft 365

rLegacyDrawer Benefits:


Securely store your household data files w/24×7 backup accessible at any time from any Internet-connected PC/MAC, Mobile, or Tablet.

Use your secure email address [] to send and receive important files.

Full Microsoft 365 Office Suite Mobile, Web,  & Downloadable up to 5 PCs/MACs 

Work From Home Ready with Microsoft Teams included!


24×7 Email Technical Support

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