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Bridging the gap between business and technology.

Web Talk

Web Talk is an online talk show helping you bridge the gap between business and technology.

We put a spotlight on unclear technology topics. We enjoy bringing you the latest website business trends and marketing strategies. We also feature experts in online marketing and related supporting industries. 

ISO Training

Get certified! Buy the book or take the online training.

Make a difference in your career or make a complete career change. This certification is up to date and will get your credentials up to where they need to be.

Mobile Business

Do Business Anywhere

We are always to be expected to be connected 24/7. K360 has a mission to provide the property digital platform to make your business perform to its full potential. Our system’s philosophy and ongoing support makes your technology a complement to your success and not a barrier.

Customer Service

Our customers are number one. Since 2014 we have developed online support and practices with customer service in mind. We believe in being 100% debt-free as a company and a good steward of our great fortune.

Digital Property Managers

K360 offers the best digital property managers in the industry.

Our team of professionals gets your business placed on prime digital real estate. Our cloud-based philosophy and stacked services will allow you to build your business on a solid digital platform. 


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Own your own digital property. Control our entire digital footprint and control what happens on your property. Replace your current IT dependency plan with digital property ownership.

Online Courses

ISO training is now available online or buy our book.

WordPress Web Design

We offer website design packages.

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