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Digital Property Management

WordPress websites that make sense!

We will build your digital platform with a responsive website design to help you connect with your customers! Enjoy DIY access, and coaching sessions.

Build Your Website for $500 + Hosting $60/per mo.

We can get your website updated. We will rebuild your site on a WordPress Platform.

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Digital Property Advisors

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Helping build business platforms one project at a time!

How does the free trial work?

You can sign up for our chat service for free. We will answer your questions via chat. This is great to build value and sell our service to you. We want you to know where your money is going. This makes the use-it-or-lose-it website service easier to understand. 

How often do you release new themes?

We use Divi themes and will offer new themes every month according to the release of Divi themes. Therefore, you'll benefit from all of their premade themes and layouts.

Do you offer remote support?

We are a full IT company and have the ability to offer remote support. However, leading with our chat service we can get connected to your PC or MAC and help you during our advanced Webadvisor session. For instance, requesting a quote for pricing.

Can I get help with business consulting?

Advance Business Technology | Web-presence / Business Consultant

Digital Property Management: We build WordPress websites that make sense, and send you can send us your content using our chat system from your phone or computer. Enjoy DIY access, and coaching sessions. Divi Theme | Office 365 email

Can I cancel at any time?

We are a Christian company and encourage you to bring your challenges to us. Our main goal is to meet you where you are. We will never hold your intellectual property back or make it hard to leave. 

What industries do you support?

We cover a wide range of industries. We do not sell services or host any illegal content or content that would not be suitable for all audiences. Our focus is on basic informational websites with positive messages and mainstream products & services.

What if I get stuck?

There can be many times you need immediate help. WordPress, Divi, and Office 365 all offer their own version of support.  Therefore, we rely upon 3rd party resources to help you in times when our sessions are not available. In addition, our support rates start at $50/hour and by appointment. 

Can I communicate through an App?

We use Kaizala as our mobile chat app. learn more