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Quality Management Training

Instructor-led training | Quality Management Training
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Quality Management ISO 9001

Aviation, Space, and Defense AS9100

Instructional Design

Performance consulting, Visual & graphic design skills, Network & media technologies, Open source total control interface: Test your business strategy against sound business risk management standards. Let us guide you to develop proper E-learning and adequate growth plan for your business.

Small Business

Explore the main principles of business growth. Measure your business to reveal real profit opportunities. How to increase your profit with a solid IT business platform strategy. Safeguard your business from information and data integrity issues and disaster.


We offer a mind mapping marketing strategy sessions. Build a business that allows you to make, resell and drop ship something. Learn the best online e-commerce IT strategy. Sell your services, brand planning, barter protection plan. Put your ingenuity and passion to work!

Team Building

Team building Vs Motivation. What is the difference and how knowing the difference can save your company? Here at K360 we own the difference and will develop a program custom to your company that will make it thrive.

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