Stakeholder Alignment

The PM Agenda

Execution is communication to the stakeholders

The stakeholders can be the cheerleaders of the strategy and the chief change agent.

Pick the stakeholders / Pick the messages / get the cadence right

Who are the stakeholders I need to talk about?

How to identify and research stakeholders:

  • Who has approval rights to areas of your project
  • Brainstorm with the team to find all potential stakeholders
  • Interview know stakeholders
  • Workshops to discuss needs and requirements
  • Organizational chart creation or review
  • Process modeling
  • Scope modeling (boundaries: who does not belong on this project)
  • RACI Matrix/Chart (Responsible/Accountable/Consulted/Informed)
  • Understand their level of influence
  • Stakeholder Grid (Influence vs Impact/High vs Low)
  • Onion Diagram (center > outer rings of stakeholders)
  • Surveys and Questenairs

Types of stakeholders

  • Internal or external
    • internal to the organization
    • external to the organization.
  • Primary or secondary
    • Primary as a direct effect or affected by the outcome (highest level of interest)
    • Secondary: generally contributes to the project
  • Direct or indirect
    • Direct means involvement with daily project activities like workers
    • Indirect focuses on the output of the project rather than the tasks to complete the project.
      • Pricing
      • UI/UX
      • Product/Application availability

Common Types of Stakeholders (*key stakeholders)

  • Customers*
  • Employees*
  • Communities
  • Owners
  • Investors*
  • Creditors
  • Suppliers*
  • Trade Unions (external, secondary, and indirect stakeholders)
  • Government Agencies (external, secondary, and indirect stakeholders)
  • Media/Social Media

For each stakeholder, what is the right message?

  • Co-creating the right messages with key talent leaders
  • Translate the messages into front-line routines and behaviors
  • Tempo/Speed of messages and speed of executing decisions
  • Cyclical companies benefit from a strong relationship with the chairman

What is the right cadence of delivery to the stakeholders? (once a month or once a week)

RACI Matrix Template


Deliverable 1:RARIC
Deliverable 2:IR   
Deliverable 3: A   
Deliverable 4:     
Deliverable 5:     
CodeStands forThis is the person who ….
RResponsibleIs the primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) who will take responsibility for ensuring that the requirements are expressed correctly.
AAccountableMakes the final decision or approves the specifications.
CConsultProvides the requirements. These SMEs can be consulted by the business analyst or the responsible SME.
IInformIs informed after the final decision is made and can include stakeholders such as designers, testers, project steering committee, etc.

Stakeholder Engagement (Manage expectations)

Identify > Analyze > Plan > Act > Review

Create a collaboration plan

Timing and cadence

location of meeting

list WIIFM list benefits

What methodology is used by the org

Review lessons learned

Manage Issues – Resolution

Communicate upcoming changes

Check the level of stakeholder engagement

  • are they communicating with me?
  • are they attending your meetings?
  • are they providing support?

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