Helpful Website Tools
This is a list of helpful online tools that can assist in managing your online forms, webpages, post, and more.

Online Studio

Helpful General Knowledge sites:

HTML Code for special characters:

HTML Code (Hypertext Markup Language Code), CSS (cascading Style Sheets), JS (JavaScript):

Writing Tools

Case Converter

CSS Background Generator

File Converter

HTML color hex codes




Old and lost websites

More Tools…

w3schools YouTube Channel

RTMP Server


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Microsoft SharePoint Office 365 Tools

Find daily workflow tools and codes that can save time and help implement processes.
Use this page to copy and paste codes into SharePoint to change the layout of your SharePoint list click here

Gantt Chart

HTML Generators

Manage your webpage content using HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Create navigation menus with dropdowns, bullets, lists, forms, inline-styling, size, and function attributes. 

HTML Navigator Bar CSS Generator

Chat Apps


Microsoft Kaizala Product Story

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