e-learning Development (LMS)

From: $60.00 / month and a $6,000.00 build fee

$12,000.00 total cost for LMS buildout. 50% down and 50% on delivery.
Phase 1: create an LMS site and set up users and teachers that will manage the website.
Phase 2: determine security levels and user access levels.
Phase 3: establish outcome scenarios and user/owner benefits. (save time, teach you how to use your service, chat room, onboarding staff/vendors/clients)
Phase 4: evaluate and improve the user experience
Phase 5: integrate with the company website and SharePoint site. (Our Goal is to integrate and interface as much as possible your website with the training so that it is one large organization, avoiding appearing as two separate ventures.)

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Big Rocks!
Not included: published/trademarked training material. hosted training videos that are protected/private.
User management (list of users, administrators, content contributors, teachers, students)
list of courses (word or excel document outlining the course syllabus)
grading system
established gateway (connection to the bank)

Introducing our CMS & Build Process
gathering content, advise on needed content
establish communication through the new Email account
branding the site using the logo and company colors
page names and structure for the site navigation

Review Process:
Review all pages and confirm they are ready to publish
publish the landing and contact page
Collect any revision requests and submit them to the build team.

Publish Process:
approve and publish all pages
attach the SSL
connect the pay portal to the main website
Start our monthly maintenance program (30 minutes of update labor included each month)


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